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Being admitted to college is more competitive than ever, especially with changes in admission criteria. Holistic review has decreased the value of merit-based scores, making it even more challenging to stand apart from other applicants. 

Dr. Villaflor, award-winning educator and CEO of Break Through Potential, discusses the "unwritten rules" in college admissions and how your decisions may affect your student's ability to be admitted to top universities.

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February 27, 2023 | 6:00 PM

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Investing Now May Save You Later

Many parents are uncertain about spending money to prepare their students for college, especially at this age, which is understandable. Starting younger is a change in mindset, one of the ways Break Thorugh Potential disrupts the admissions process and helps students succeed.

Students are overwhelmed by the process, and I have many parents of 12th graders who find me and are at their wit's end. I had a student telling his parents he was doing fine and then one day asked if they could hire someone to help him. He was so lost; he hadn't done anything at all. We had three weeks to complete what should have been done over nine months, and it's these situations that we want to avoid but are all too common.

Some parents believe, since they have been through the college admissions process, that they have enough knowledge of the school's resources to help their students, and for some, this is true. But most people do not realize how much college admissions have changed in the last decade, specifically in the past few years. Additionally, we are experiencing a growing college crisis, and our work addresses some of the causes which could save you money.  

Current Statistics About Students at Public Universities in the United States


Public University Dropout Rate


Students Changing their Major


Four-Year Graduation Rate


Six-Year Graduation Rate


Average Annual Cost of College


Average Student Loan Debt

These are alarming statistics, and our approach was designed with solutions in mind.  We prepare students for the best-fit higher education institution with clear goals and will even help students pick the right classes their first year and walk them through the process.  Investing in your student now will improve the likelihood that they will graduate in four years, saving you a significant amount of money in the future.

Why Break Through Potential?

One-of-a-Kind Approach

We designed a unique approach that connects students with meaningful experiences and gives students a competitive edge because students engage in unconventional opportunities. 

We Bring the Resources to You

End the late-night Google search marathons looking for the magic bullet, but instead, it leads to online purchases, Facebook fatigue, more things on your to-do list, and additional questions.  

Peace of Mind

Stop worrying about how to stand out in the college admissions process or if you and your student are doing enough.  Instead, feel confident that certified educators are leading your student with decades of experience helping students be admitted to top-tier schools.

Responsive Communication

Getting in touch with someone at your student's school can be daunting, receiving a response, if at all, days later only to have a follow-up question. Or being redirected to another person after another person or receiving contradictory information.  This can slow your progress and your ability to make decisions in a timely manner. Break Through Potential will be your personal resource, providing responsive communication whenever you need it.

Meaningful Learning

Our approach helps students understand the purpose of their education, making it more meaningful and resulting in improved academic achievement.  

Eliminate Admission Anxiety

We coach students on innovating their college applications by connecting them with unique experiences using cutting-edge technology that no one else is doing.