The BTP Approach

We concentrate on two approaches that reinvent how students apply to college.  We encourage students to begin our program before they enter high school.  Although we work with students at any grade level, the earlier the student starts, the greater the outcomes. 

We use a strategic approach that no one else does to lead students to discover purpose and open doors to opportunities in the modern world.  The results are undeniably powerful, and students learn the spectrum of their potential.

Define Postsecondary Goals

Students complete a career assessment to help identify their strengths and interests. These results are matched with potential careers in which they might excel. We explore the different jobs and fields. Once a student identifies a career interest, we research the higher education options to share with the family. Then we tailor an educational plan with integrated solutions for students to accomplish their goals.

Develop Strategic Plan

After the initial consultation, Families meet with one of our guidance counselors. The counselor reviews their postsecondary goals, reviews high school credits already obtained, and creates a four-year plan that concentrates on the student's future study area. In addition, counselors will make other recommendations and tips on expanding their high school experience to prepare them for ongoing and prospective success.

Determine Integrated Solutions

We offer a variety of services that support students and parents. Some of the services we offer are tutoring (K-12th), test prep, high school, and career counselors, instructional specialists, financial aid specialists, writing specialists, and a mental health counselor, to name a few. Our team is dedicated to meeting and making every student successful. We also offer seminars and workshops for parents to ensure they have all the information they need.

Connect Students to Opportunities

In a world of information overload, it is hard to know where to begin.  That is why we bring resources and opportunities to students and lead them through the process step-by-step.  We help students broaden their perspectives by showing the expanse of options that are available to them and engaging at this level is what colleges want to see..