Dell Technologies estimates 85% of the jobs available in 2030 have yet to be invented. We are undergoing one of the most significant transformations in history, so powerful that we must question how to prepare our youth for a future that has yet to be discovered. Break Through Potential foresaw a growing need for a workforce with technical skills in our rapidly-growing high-tech world, and we have successfully designed an approach no one else uses.

Technology has forged pathways to unrestrained learning, and students can interact with the world driven by their creativity and curiosity. Extraordinary opportunities are available to students that never existed before, and Break Through Potential connects students with this type of transformational learning. We are interrupting what it means to be college and career ready by leading students through a process that inspires enthusiasm, guides them to discover their purpose, and ignites the trailblazer within them. 

This is the BTP way. Are you ready to join the transformation?

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Our program's effectiveness is unparalleled when students utilize our methods before entering high school. By embracing this mindset, students can evade typical pitfalls and the daunting pressures of the college admissions process.

But if you've already embarked on high school, do not worry; we can still provide invaluable assistance to set you apart from other applicants. Our unique approach equips students with the tools necessary for success, regardless of their starting point.

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By working with Break Through Potential, you are supporting the following:

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We know how to make students stand out amongst the tens of thousands of applicants because we use an approach no one else does.

A free meeting could change your student's life.

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