What Colleges Want

Angular Applicants who have already demonstrated
 a deep independent intellectual curiosity or expertise in a given area, from science research to humanities to outstanding athletics.

An angular student can also be a student who has developed a degree of excellence in one or two areas—leadership, intellectual curiosity, athletics, or community service—or who has a special talent or exhibits unusual personal character (Peter Johnson).

How to Show Angularity.

The Application is comparable to a masterful biography. Each application requirement is a chapter that reveals the student's authenticity. Angularity can be seen as the theme. 

The best measure of the flow is congruency, where readers can identify the student's angularity in its content without being expressed outright.  Like great literature, your Application should be a piece of art that is creative, memorable, and impactful.

What is Being Overlooked

The holistic review has changed the process more than many people realize.  The description of an angular student includes a word that makes the way students have been applying for college obsolete.  If students do not change when they begin preparing for college admissions, they will not be competitive for admission at top-tier schools.  

Congruency and content angularity requires thoughtful planning; the earlier students begin, the better.  The college application is a summation of high school. So now, the high school experience must be intentional to develop a real narrative, which has not been the case.

This new unspoken criterion, revealed by only one word, will be what sets students apart. Overlooking the depth of holistic review and angularity will determine who is admitted to competitive colleges.  

Get Help From Educators

There is some bad news for students already in high school. A transition like this creates disadvantages like less time for experiences that make the best applications. The good news is we can help. 

Experienced educators' support is more crucial than ever, and our team has more experience in schools than anywhere else. In addition, we are familiar with graduation requirements, especially endorsements and pathways that should be aligned with the student's angularity. 

Additionally, understanding the variations of course offerings, the curriculum, weighing the value of extra-curricular opportunities, when AP/Dual Credit are consequential, and balancing all of this with graduation requirements takes experience. 

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