Your College Application


A Modern Method

High school students have followed the same process to apply for college for over a century, Yet in the last twenty-five years, technological advances have changed the world more than in the previous five hundred years. So much so that the brain is evolving. As a result, teenagers are processing and experiencing life far different than before. Students struggle to represent who they are in college applications because they are trying to be a square peg in a round hole.

Holistic Review

Colleges have historically relied on merit scores like GPA, class rank, SAT/ACT scores, and other quantitative successes to identify students for admission. Since many colleges have exempted the SAT/ACT requirement and merit scores have become less consequential, students need new ways for their college applications to stand out. In addition, as schools are looking to diversify their campus, students must demonstrate how they will uniquely contribute to their community.

The Exemption Effect

Do you have your reach, match, and safety schools identified yet? Unfortunately, so do ten million other students applying to the same colleges. And top universities are overwhelmed with unprecedented numbers of applicants, driving overall acceptance rates to historic lows. On the other hand, exempting merit-based scores has increased the acceptance of first-generation and historically marginalized students. 


The best college applications cannot be built using the same antiquated steps that begin Junior year. Instead, it should be strategically constructed with an authentic focus beginning the first day of Freshmen year. Students starting with us early will benefit from our inverse design and hybrid pike, creating a college application you have never seen before.

The Hybrid Pike

The Hybrid Pike is our unique approach that no one else is using, making students stand out amongst other applicants.  We like to show the results of this approach during our consultations because it's that powerful.  But there is a multitude of benefits to working with us.

We are coaching students on how to work smarter, not harder.  

We are connecting students to opportunities around them that they did not realize were the key.

We are providing everything your family needs in one place.  

We invite you to become part of the Break Through Potential family.

Students develop skills helpful in school.

Develop post-secondary goals.

Identify the best higher education pathway.

Students know their purpose and are focused.

Students engage in more meanintful learning.

Junior and Senior years are less stressful.

Students develop practical career skills.

All the resources and support in one place.

Students are excited about their journey.

How to Innovate

Begin Early
Middle School

Ideally, students should begin the program at the end of seventh or during the eighth grade. Please do not be concerned about overwhelming your student early because our approach is a slow burn. Beginning early creates a depth of skills and experiences. Remember, this is a new approach; the program is a marathon, not a sprint.

It's Never Too Late
Freshmen & Sophomores

Your student will have a competitive advantage when they begin following The Playbook. We coach innovation because we are Pioneers. However, as many want to believe, successful leadership is not a matter of luck. It is intentionally creating opportunities rather than waiting for them. We show students more than the value of being a leader but how to become one. It is never too late to become a Pioneer.

The Final Stretch
Juniors & Seniors

One known strategy for being admitted to competitive colleges is to apply for Early Admission. The second less-known strategy is to show evidence of being an angular student. Without saying it outright, the secret is that your application should resonate with so much angularity that looking at your merit-based scores is only a formality.