Academic Counseling

Picking an endorsement, pathway, and classes for a four-year plan can be confusing, especially when beginning high school. We teach students what they need to be working on and support their success. We also teach parents what they need to know to guide their child's decision-making process successfully. Meeting with one of our high school counselors will ensure your student is on the right track toward graduation.

College Services

Completing the admission process into a higher education institution is complex and has multiple elements. Additionally, admission can be highly competitive. Our team knows tips and tricks to make a student stand out amongst other students applying. Let us help by sharing what we know and assisting students in demonstrating their best. Our college admissions team includes a college counselor, essay writing specialist, and financial aid/scholarship specialist.

Career Services

We help students find the perfect job field that fits their strengths and interests. Additionally, we help identify the appropriate area of study and the best institution to accomplish their goals. We will help with the graduation plan and how to be admitted to a higher education institution. We help students in college and interested in transferring to another school or program, choosing majors, and helping with degree plans. 

SPED, 504, & Mental Health Services

We support all students and their varying needs. We have counselors and administrators that specialize in Special Education and 504. They can help parents navigate the law, prepare for ARDs, and how to advocate for their child.  We also have a mental health counselor for students struggling in school due to varying issues. Our team ensures students are receiving the support they need.

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Online Tutoring for K-12

We want students to have the best quality tutors, so we hire certified teachers and collegiate faculty members with experience. They can identify where students are having difficulty, how to help them, and identify areas for subject continuity. Our tutors teach more than just skills.  We provide tutoring in over a hundred subject areas and specialize in advanced classes.

Course Lists


With our certified and experienced instructors, you will receive the best preparation for your exams. We offer courses over six weeks, four weeks, and two weeks. We also provide Power Preps, a comprehensive final review session just a day or two before the test. We offer individual, small group, and micropods. Power Preps can be booked independently or with a course for a discounted price.

Prep Courses

To learn more, fill out our free consultation form. We will set up an online meeting to discuss and evaluate your needs. If you have an educational need that is not listed, please complete the free consultation form anyway.  Be sure to include details about what you are looking for because it is possible that we can help.

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