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Announcing Our Newest Partnerships

Break Through Potential is always looking to partner with like-minded organizations to provide students with more robust experiences.

We are excited to announce our collaborations with these organizations and the opportunities they provide.


Students can earn college credit with us through Pearson's Accelerated Pathways. Students will work with members of the Pearson team to ensure a seamless transfer of credits to their future college. Pearson will also assign an advisor to assist with student needs. There is no better way to show universities that you are college ready than by completing college courses.

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Workforce Solutions

We encourage career exploration and the development of job skills. We have partnered with Workforce Solutions to help our students find hands-on job experience. With their Earn and Learn program,  Together, we will help students find opportunities for paid internships.

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University of South Florida

The University of South Florida has an outstanding corporate training program. Although these courses were designed for their students and their corporate clients, our partnership allows BTP students to enroll in any of their professional training courses. They have large-scale, highly sought-after certifications like PMP (Project Management) and smaller skill-based microcredentials.  

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Education Alliances

Education Alliances is a nonprofit organization committed to helping every student complete a form of higher education, including college, technical school, job training, professional certifications, or the military. They specialize in creating education to career pathways and provide affordable academic services to economically disadvantaged students.

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New Service Programs

Our new program packages bundle services that we commonly recommend together.  These will give parents an idea of what we offer and the different levels of involvement available.  We use these packages as a framework and tailor them to each student's needs.

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BTP Program

- Truity assessment
- Academic review
- Identifying postsecondary goals
- Identifying pathway/endorsement
- Beginning and end-of-year meetings
- Development of a four-year Graduation Plan
- Choosing classes for the following year
- Hybrid Pike recommendations and set-up
- Intro to College Essay Writing
- EOC Power Preps for that school year

High School Program

- BTP Program
- Beginning, mid, and end-of-year meetings
- Hybrid Pike progress evaluation meeting
- Hybrid Pike recommendations at meetings
- Access to all student and parent seminars
- Into to College Essay Writing Workshop
- Additional EOC Power Prep
- 1 Summer recommendation plan
- Member of Volunteer Houston Team
- Paid internship
- 1 College Board Exam Test Prep
- 1 College Board Exam Power Prep
- 2 AP Exam Power Preps

University Program

- BTP Program
- Beginning, mid, and end-of-year meetings
- Monthly Hybrid Pike progress evaluation
- Ongoing Hybrid Pike Recommendations
- Access to all student and parents seminars
- Access to all student workshops
- All EOC Preps
- 2 Summer recommendation plans
- Member of Volunteer Houston Team
- 2 Paid internships
- 2 College Board Exam Test Preps
- 2 College Board Exam Power Preps
- 5 Advanced Placement Exam Power Preps
- Monthly coaching meetings with students
- Student progress notes accessible online
- Access to USF programs

Ivy League Program

- BTP Program
- All EOC Preps
- All College Board Exam Preps
- All College Board Exam Power Preps
- Unlimited parent meetings
- Unlimited student meetings
- Student progress notes accessible online
- Access to all student and parent seminars
- Access to all student and parent workshops
- Unlimited paid internships (as available)
- Member of Volunteer Houston Team
- Volunteer opportunities sent to the student
- Unlimited summer recommendation plans
- Customized resume
- The Senior Package
- Unlimited USF programs
- Unlimited college courses for credit through Pearson

Senior Package

- Customized list of colleges based on student's interests and needs
- Meeting with Financial Aid Specialist
- Using Hybrid Pike in college applications 
- Scholarship search (totaling at least $50,000 in opportunities)
- Meeting to develop a unique essay response topic
- College Essay Writing Workshop
- FASFA Workshop

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