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Being admitted to college is more competitive than ever, especially with changes in admission criteria. Holistic review has decreased the value of merit-based scores, making it even more challenging to stand apart from other applicants. 

Dr. Villaflor, award-winning educator and CEO of Break Through Potential, discusses the "unwritten rules" in college admissions and how your decisions may affect your student's ability to be admitted to top universities.

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February 27, 2023 | 6:00 PM

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About Our Speaker 

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Dr. Laura Villaflor

CEO at Break Through Potential
Executive Director at Education Alliances Nonprofit

Dr. Villaflor lives in Katy, Texas, and has a kindergarten student at Lindsey Elementary in Lamar CISD. She has worked in education for over twenty years and has held positions as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and director in grades K-12. She transitioned into the business world and is the Founder and Executive Director of Education Alliances, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educational equity and workforce opportunities.

The nonprofit was built on the belief that social justice begins by providing our youth with equal access to academic support, which is costly and often out of reach for those that need it most. Her work focuses on skill-based learning for career readiness, which can redress learning gaps that impact job opportunities. The organization creates powerful outcomes because, in addition to constructing individualized education to career pathways, her team connects student learning with hands-on experiences, such as Earn and Learn internships, credentialing, and volunteer work.

Additionally, Dr. Villaflor designed a contemporary approach to the college admissions process that benefits from the conveniences of the modern world while teaching students how to innovate their college applications. As the Founder and CEO of Break Through Potential, this method provides students a competitive edge to being admitted to top-tier colleges and improves career readiness. Dr. Villaflor is committed to helping every student complete higher education, whether college, technical school, job training, professional certification, or the military, to find career success and diminish systematic inequities. She also works as an International Consultant for an Educational Technology company in the UK and freelances as an Educational Consultant and College Admissions Coach.

Dr. Villaflor earned her Doctorate from Texas A&M University and studied systemic racism in schools and its impact on academic achievement for students of color. She received her Master's in the same field from the University of Houston and her Bachelor's in political science from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Villaflor believes in the value of continuous learning and has credentials in Leading Change from Harvard University, participated in a business growth accelerator, and has earned microcredentials in Project Management, Enterprise Design Thinking, Work Experiences, and a variety of advanced skills.

As an active community member, Dr. Villaflor serves on the Education Committee for Greater Houston Partnership and as a Board Member for two nonprofit organizations. One helps at-risk youth find purpose by building confidence, physical agility, and mental strength through a love for the game of basketball, and the other promotes literacy among youth. She also volunteers as a foster for newborn puppies with Rescued Pets Movement.  

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