College Planning

The college admission process is complex, confusing, and mysterious.  Our team has been working with students for decades and have learned the little known secrets that will make students stand out amongst other applicants.  These are just a few of the ways we help students apply for college.

Review & Recommend

We will review your application and provide feedback on ways to improve your chances of admission.  Or, if you get to a point where you do not know how to demonstrate your best self, contact us, and we can help.

Research & Report

Are you uncertain about what college to attend?  Do you need assistance identifying a major?  We help students make these decisions by identifying their career interests and then finding the best major and college to achieve this goal.

Stand Out 

Surface-level responses on your college application are your worst enemy. Instead, students need to reveal their unique stories. Students struggle with this, yet it is the most crucial part of the application. We will help students explore ideas they can use and connect them with opportunities so that they can showcase their best selves. 

A Perfect College Essay

Once a student has identified what unique story to write about, refining their mechanics is non-negotiable.  We have a writing specialist that will help students write the perfect college essay.  We suggest students attend our workshops before their senior year, and we will prepare them with pre-written work they can use when applying to college. 

Prep Courses

Every student needs to take either the ACT or SAT, but we recommend taking both. We offer prep courses that vary in length. Certified instructors teach our courses with years of experience. We also provide power preps, a two-hour cram session a day or two before the exam. It is comprehensive, and the instructor reviews big concepts, tips, and tricks, and students can ask their last-minute questions. Every student taking an exam should take advantage of our power preps.

Expert Advice

We have college and high school counselors with decades of experience helping students be admitted into college.  We also help students in college choose the right major, pick the right classes, and create their degree plans.  We are able to answer your questions, provide resources, and help in any way you need.  We have every resource you need.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

College is becoming increasingly more expensive and developing a financial plan is essential.  Meet with our financial aid specialist to create your plan and she can assist with completing FASFA and searching for scholarships unique to the student.

Application Assistance

The admission process can be overwhelming and it is difficult to know where to start.  We help students prioritize tasks and create an organized action plan so they never miss a deadline.

Important Testing Information