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What is Skill-Based Education

Skill-based learning concentrates on hands-on skill development that prepares students for a career or job.  For years, students have been directed towards college, and there has been little opportunity to learn about schools that offer skill-based learning.

Almost have of our country is interested in options other than college but is mainly aware of these incredible higher education options.  Knowing the value of these institutions,  part of Break Through Potential's mission is to broaden this understanding.  

Many of the programs offered by skill-based learning institutions place students on the same career path as college but in less time and at lower costs.  

With advancements in technology and new jobs, these institutions have evolved and potentially made students more marketable than students pursuing the traditional route right after high school. 

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Why We Believe in Technical Colleges

Texas State Technical School, located in the Greater Houston Area, is Break Through Potential's favorite skill-based institution. This is why we love TSTC:

Programs in High Demand Fields

TSTC offers programs preparing students in high-demand fields.  There are career opportunities with growth potential and substantial earnings.

Flexible Classes

TSTC has convenient options to take classes on campus or online. Additionally, they have night and weekend classes.  The options available at TSTC can conveniently fit into a busy schedule.


Completing a higher education program does not have to come with debt.  TSTC offers programs that are affordable and offer financial aid.  Even better, programs do not take long to complete compared to college, so students will begin enter the job world, and considering the income potential of the job, it will be easy to pay the program costs.

Options for Everyone

Programs at TSTC cover a wide range of job fields. A great strategy is completing a program and obtaining a job to get experience. You can pursue further education while working, or TSTC partners with several institutions that offer four-year degrees.  Not only does TSTC offer programs for students out of high school but also adult learners.  

It is easy to see why we love Texas State Technical College.

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Examples of Skill-Based Learning Fields

Flight School/Aviation
Veterinarian Science
Health Care 
Real Estate
Information Technology
Digital Media
Drone Technology
Software Development Industrial/Mechanical
Social Media Management 
Technicians (Multiple Fields)
Business Marketing

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Information Technology
Digital Media
Drone Technology
Web Developer
Interface Engineering
Technical Drafting
Hotel Management
Social Media Management
Computer Networking
Physical Therapy

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Companies Commited to Skill-Based Learning

They offer certificates, job training, and some offer employment with the company after completing their program.

UpSkilling and ReSkilling

Upskilling is learning new skills to progress within their current role or career track. The newly acquired competencies complement an existing skillset.

Reskilling is when learning new skills that replace existing or obsolete skills.  This can prepare employees for new roles or changes in current roles.

Why These Are Important

Upskilling and reskilling improve marketability and career growth that comes with higher paying salaries.

Right now, the government is providing opportunities in the form of grants and tax benefits for individuals pursuing higher learning.  If you are concerned about financing your education, learn more about Pell Grants. 

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